This job consisted of complete site and building construction of a new branch office for FirstBank.

The site turned into an old gas/carrier station in a downtown metro area.  There become very restrained onsite storage and parking, so substances would ought to be stored off site and taken on site only when geared up to be installed.  We first needed to over excavate the antique fuel tank locations to be able to provide well compacted fill dirt.  Due to headaches concerning the water and sewer pipes, we worked with FirstBank, their engineers and the city to move the sewer connection, which required adding a sewer elevate station and force predominant to the existing sewer tap.

The building consisted of a complete steel frame structure and metal stud framed walls with a vapor mitigation system installed under the building slab due to the fact the building is sitting over the top of the old gas station with possible contamination in the soil.  We engineered the connection methods for the 6” thick granite and 4 ½” thick limestone that the exterior façade consisted of.  The windows consisted of an aluminum curtain wall system, and all of the interior drywall had to be finished to a level 5 finish.  The millwork and wood trim was all custom built on site.  Many of the light fixtures were custom fixtures that required unique methods to install.  We had to work closely with FirstBank’s security personnel to install all of their security measures, ATM and drive thru systems. The History Wall–shown above–that we installed behind the teller area is a mural supplied by First Bank containing a collage of photos of the local history and of First Bank.

The site changed into an antique gas/carrier station in a downtown metro area. There come to be very restrained onsite storage and parking, so materials would must be saved off site and taken on site satisfactory when equipped to be installed. We first needed to over excavate the old gas tank locations which will offer properly compacted fill dirt. Due to headaches regarding the water and sewer pipes, we labored with First Bank, their engineers and the city to transport the sewer connection, which required inclusive of a sewer lift station and force major to the triumphing sewer tap.

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