Durb Armke Construction Company become founded in July 1969 by means of Ray Morris; a man with a vision, a totally strong work ethic and a powerful entrepreneurial drive. Durb Armke Construction Company’s first activity (Job 101) was a BP Oil Service Station Atlanta, GA that became completed in early 1970.  Ray become the estimator, mission manager, task superintendent and business improvement manager.  Later, with a photograph album complete of snap shots from Job 101, Ray visited Chevron Oil asking that Durb Armke be  allowed to bid three projects, one in all which Durb Armke became awarded.  In 1972, Ray found out that he wished help, and hired a university pal of his, Bud Hollingsworth.  Bud dealt with the office responsibilities, and Ray treated the sphere and business improvement.  Later that equal 12 months they hired Larry Vickery, who would sooner or later head up all of Durb Armke’s discipline operations.  Ray, Bud and Larry are nevertheless with Durb Armke today. 

In October 1973, Burger King approached us about building a restaurant for them in an Atlanta suburb. That became the start of a patron dating that we nonetheless experience today.  In the spring of 1974, Ray become able to get plans for a McDonald’s eating place, which we efficaciously finished, starting another client courting we’ve got loved for over forty years.

In 1977, we opened our first branch place in Greensboro, NC, and the second in Tampa, FL. Our revenues greater than doubled the next few years.  Since that time, we’ve maintained those two places of work, the original office in Atlanta, GA \ and additionally opened workplaces in Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, Richmond, VA and in 2014 Kansas City, KS.

Durb Armke could be very pleased with our long term client relationships that have sustained us and helped us emerge as the first-rate construction organization inside the industry. We now preserve licenses in 47 states and have finished projects in 46 of them.  While sticking heavily to our restaurant niche, we also have a huge base of project revel in which includes banks, institutional, journey centers, retail and maximum everything in between.

Our employees, a lot of whom had been part of the Durb Armke own family for over 40 years, are the motive we were so successful, and had been capable of  maintain our customers happy these types of years. We are without a doubt blessed with the maximum talented and loyal group of employees; and are grateful for them every and each day.

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